CalArts Jazz 1996 - 7th Annual CD

music by Dan Cantrell
lyrics by Rebecca Hot Gessert
featuring Canker

Summer Seay
James King
soprano and baritone saxes
Eddie Felix
alto sax
Scott Ray
Dan Cantrell
accordion and piano
Rebecca L. Bolam
vocal and celeste
James Johnson
percussion and marimba
Jay Gravatt
Dyslexic Avenger
keyboards and turntable
Hercules Schwartz
special talents

Album artwork by: 

Joel Decker

all original compositions by CalArts students

produced by: David Roitstein
engineered and mixed by: Peter Doell
mastered by: Wally Traugott
designed by: Joel Decker
recorded, mixed, and mastered at Capitol Studios, May 1996

Special Thanks: 

George and Mary Lou Boone Fund for Artistic Advancement
Steven Lavine President of CalArts

Total Running Time: 


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